Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yoga Grandstand

I had the absolute pleasure of climbing the Grand with two of the FOXIEST women I know: Neesha Zollinger and Ciela Wynter. Ciela grew up here and strangely had not climbed it yet; very odd to me considering that every able bodied male climber in the Hole should have been falling over themselves for that opportunity. Same for Neesha: been here ten years and not one dirtbag climber offered to take her up.

Well, not being stupid, I jumped at the chance. I was impressed that they both spent some time training this summer; it's always a bummer to see good athletes underestimate the gnarl of the Grand and junkshow it on the way up or down (or both). These beautiful ladies just sailed through it like it was no big thing.

I enjoyed putting up the rope and hopefully I was a good host. I hope we can all bag another peak sometime soon. Thanks, Neesha and Ciela!

Neesha's peaking so much she'd have flown away had I not held her down

Neesha and Ciela taking a detour to bag Carmen's Pinnacle

Taking a rest on Carmen's. Sweet little micro summit

Neesha psyched, Middle Teton far below

and Ciela posed for the same effect

I want to say this is Natarajasana but I'm not sure. Your atypical summit shot but I like it.

Brief make-out session on top (okay, she is my girlfriend...).

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